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Read Through the New Testament with Us in 2020

God inspired — literally breathed out — His Word so that we could be equipped to obey Him in our day-to-day lives. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) If we don’t regularly spend time in His Word, we starve our souls. Our spiritual malnutrition will result in not being adequately equipped and not having a sharp weapon for encountering the Spiritual Warfare that we will face.

Have you ever read through the New Testament? We’re on a quest to do that together this year. Several of us have done this in the past and have grown to enjoy reading our Bibles and hearing God’s voice on a consistent basis.

We aren’t reading from the beginning to the end, but we’re using a plan developed by the Navigators. We began on January 1 reading Mark 1. Each week we’re reading five chapters over the course of five days. And it generally takes us around five minutes each day to read the scheduled reading.

Each day we have a scheduled reading, I’m posting a devotional based on that day’s reading on my website, Psalm 34:8. You can find the directions for subscribing to the devotionals is on my website. My devotionals are brief and only take a couple of minutes to read.

You can download the 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan here. Or if you can follow along with the YouVersion Bible App or use YouVersion’s website.

Join me in growing deeper in your walk with Christ.

Pastor Craig

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