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Prepare to Worship

During this time of “ungathered” worship services, it’s important that we continue worshiping our Father. We aren’t able to sing our harmonies led by Gene and accompanied by Susan’s piano. So what should we do on Sunday Mornings to prepare for coming into God’s presence as a church body?

I have included three YouTube playlists below. Each playlist is different and there should be a little bit to please all tastes. You may want to choose one of these playlists and begin playing it an hour or so before we begin the Preaching Service on Facebook Live.

I hope you find these videos helpful as you seek to draw near God throne of grace and mercy.

~ Pastor Craig

Christian Hymns of the Faith

Contemporary Praise and Worship

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  1. I miss coming to church and hearing Gods word and being with the people who worship the Great God of my life I pray he will cleanse our land and set us free from this Enemy I look forward to your sermon

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