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It’s Official (or it will be soon)

On Sunday, September 13 in our monthly business meeting, our church fellowship voted to uniquely with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC). What this means is that the SBTC will be our official partner for missions work in the great State of Texas. This also means that we will officially be affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention for North American and International Missions work. Voting and completing the paperwork to official partner with the SBTC and the SBC/NAMB/IMB complete our plans which we had to postpone due to Covid-19.

Due to our autonomous church polity, nothing will change in our day-to-day church work and the way decisions are made.

Faith Community Baptist Church has a huge heart for missions! Our heart for missions begins at home. The Gospel Message is faithfully preached every Sunday. Each month, we directly support several international missionaries and local ministries and we partner with the Parker Baptist Association for ministry in our home county. Affiliating with the SBTC and the SBC extends our reach to Texas and beyond.

We look forward to growing in our missions involvement and ministry partnerships.

Growing in grace and knowledge,
Pastor Craig

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