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Adult and Teen Challenge Joins us this Sunday

This Sunday, April 14, men from the Azle campus of Adult & Teen Challenge will lead our morning worship service. Some of them will tell their story of redemption and recovery through Jesus Christ. We’ll follow the service with a potluck lunch and send the men home with all of the leftovers to enjoy later….

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A Busy Sunday and Monday

Over the course of two months, our church collected toys and goodies as part of our “Jesus Loves the Little Children” outreach project through Samaritan’s Purse. On Sunday, November 19, our members gathered around our Lord’s Supper Table and prayed over the fifty-one shoeboxes that our members had filled. We prayed that God would bless…

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2023 “Jesus Loves the Little Children” Outreach Project

For the past few years, we have dedicated the last Quarter of the year to a project we call “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. For part of this project, our church members give money to send to our Missionary to the Philippines, Paul Byars. Paul, in turn, purchases toys and other items to give to…

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Golden Quarter 2023

When I worked in retail, the company called the last Quarter of the year the “Golden Quarter”. In fact, many retailers make most of their money during the Golden Quarter. Some companies may even operate at a loss for the first three Quarters of the year but make up for the losses in just three…

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Praying With Your Whole Heart: Richard Bundy’s Message 8/13/2023

While our Pastor was away on vacation, one of our Trustees spoke with us about what God had been laying on His heart recently on Praying with Our Whole Heart. Please pardon the sound quality of this recording. We experienced technical difficulties in transferring the sound files.

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Happy Birthday, Faith Community Baptist Church

Today, Faith Community Baptist Church turns three years old! Three years ago today, two churches became one as we constituted a new church. We’ve been through a lot: Covid, new members joining, baptisms, a few members graduating to Heaven, lots of fellowship, lots of worship services (in person and online), lots of mission outreaches, lots…

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Advantages of Pastoring a Small Church

One of the advantages of pastoring a small church is you develop relationships with your church members. Last weekend, the mother of our song leader passed away. For several months until a few weeks ago, Martha lived at home with Gene and his wife. When you’re a member of a small church, you get to…