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Advantages of Pastoring a Small Church

One of the advantages of pastoring a small church is you develop relationships with your church members. Last weekend, the mother of our song leader passed away. For several months until a few weeks ago, Martha lived at home with Gene and his wife. When you’re a member of a small church, you get to…

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Shifting Strategy, Methods, and Tools

When Paul was “quarantined” by prison, his ministry didn’t stop. He simply shifted his strategy, methods, and tools. We’re doing the same thing right now at church: shifting our strategy, methods, and tools. We can’t use one of our tools (our building) right now. But Social Media, Zoom Meetings, and phone calls are still working…

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Facebook Live

Given the situation with Covid-19 Corona Virus, we will try to live stream our Sunday Morning Worship Service at 11am on March 15. If you are unable to meet with us in person, please head to our church’s Facebook page. Due to copyright issues, we will begin streaming after the music part of our service….