When you walk through the doors at Faith Community Baptist Church, you will be greeted by friendly people. Most of our members are married. Some are widowed. Some have grandkids. All are welcome!

We don’t have a dress code; we only ask that you wear clothes. You’ll see people in jeans and you may see someone wearing a sports jacket.

Our Sunday Morning Bible Study is at 10 A M. Most of our members bring their own Bible. If you don’t have one, just let us know! We’ll gladly provide one for you. We want everyone to have a Bible that they can understand, read, study, and enjoy.

Our Sunday Morning Worship Service begins at 11 AM. Typically, we sing traditional hymns from a hymnal and also project the words on monitors at the front of the sanctuary. We occasionally will sing newer contemporary songs.

Our pastor preaches text-driven messages with practical life application from God’s Word. He normally preaches from the Christian Standard Bible or the English Standard Version.

On most Sundays, many of us will eat lunch together (“Dutch Treat”) at a local restaurant.