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Adult and Teen Challenge Joins us this Sunday

This Sunday, April 14, men from the Azle campus of Adult & Teen Challenge will lead our morning worship service. Some of them will tell their story of redemption and recovery through Jesus Christ. We’ll follow the service with a potluck lunch and send the men home with all of the leftovers to enjoy later….

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God is Moving in our Midst

God is moving at Faith Community Baptist Church! We had our first baptism of 2024 on April 7 in our morning worship service. Ferel Gage, the Director of Missions of the Palo Pinto County Baptist Association stepped into the water to baptize his niece, Hayden. We continued with our worship service with singing, giving, and…

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Developing Bible Intake Habits

NOTE: This post was copied from The Gospel Coalition. You may read the original article here. The Gospel Coalition has a lot of helpful information and application for the Christian life. Atomic Habits and Bible Intake: How Tiny Changes Add UpMarch 13, 2024 | Blake Glosson In his best-selling book Atomic Habits, James Clear tells…

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Happy Reformation Day!

Image Source: Andreas Breitling from Pixabay On this day in 1517, a monk and college professor, Martin Luther posted his “95 Theses” on the door of the church at Wittenberg, Germany. What happened next changed the course of history, not just church history, but world history! Music changed. Art changed. Church architecture changed. And thanks…

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Golden Quarter 2023

When I worked in retail, the company called the last Quarter of the year the “Golden Quarter”. In fact, many retailers make most of their money during the Golden Quarter. Some companies may even operate at a loss for the first three Quarters of the year but make up for the losses in just three…